20th June, 2018

June 2018 Update

By Nicholas White
Councillor Nicholas White

Councillor Nicholas White

The last 6 weeks have been quite a learning curve to understand how the Council and the various committees operate and so I have had to attend various training sessions that have been interesting.

The Committees that I have become a member of are:

  • Community Infrastructure Levy
  • Planning Committee
  • Standards Committee
  • Tandridge Local Committee
  • Tandridge Staff Committee

I also attend the Dormansland Parish Council and Lingfield Parish Council Meetings and attend the High Weald Civil Aviation Action Group meetings.

Dormansland Carnival

On 7th July, I have been invited to judge the floats at the Dormansland Carnival, together with Councillor Liz Lockwood.

Other Activities

I have been involved in assisting the Dormansland Carnival and Dormansland Primary School PTA in being excused paying a fee to the Council for a food outlet inspection and hiring charges for their events.

I am also trying to assist a family who are being evicted from their privately rented home to find new council accommodation.