18,000 Km To Save Sight Route Map

18,000 Km To Save Sight Route Map

I will fly to Shanghai on 20th April, and hope to meet up with my car on the 21st.

The Journey proper will start in Shanghai on the 25th April.

Places of particular interest that I wish to see are a Silk Farm in Hangzhou; one of the famous porcelain factories in Jingdezhen; The Three Gorges Dam; The Dazu Grotto; The Panda sanctuary near Chengdu; The great Buddha at Leshan; The Potala Palace in Lhasa and the City of Lhasa; the cross over of the Tibetan Plateau where he will reach a height of 5,500 meters above sea level.

I join the Silk Road at Dunhuang and will see the 1,000 caves and grottoes; to Turfan, the second lowest point on Earth, at 249 feet below sea level and the fruit basket of Western China that has little rain but is fed by 1,400 underground channels.

I will cross in to Kazakhstan and visit Almaty, enter Uzbekistan and follow the Silk Road through Tashkent, Samarakand and Bukhara as well as staying a night in a Yurt traditional tent near a lake in the east of Uzbekistan.

Crossing back to Kazakhstan and drive to Aral'sk that used to be on the Sea of Aral'sk. The sea has  now receded many kilometers due to the waters of the feeding rivers being diverted.

Next I cross to the Russian Federation and go to Samara and Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, across to Moscow, and on to St. Petersburg to see what has changed in the last 38 years as well as visiting the Winter Palace etc.

Driving through Finland - Helsinki, Jyvaskyla, Oulu, Ivalo - and into Norway. I will visit the North Cape, the most northerly point in Europe , before heading South down to Narvik, Trondheim to Oslo. I particularly adore Norway .

Heading in to Sweden, at Gothenburg the car will need a service at Volvo. I then travel down to Malmo, across the bridge to Denmark and Copenhagen, and finally through Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and the Channel Tunnel to England.

20 AprilFly to Shanghai
21 - 24 AprilStay in Shanghai
25 AprilStart Journey drive to Hangzhou , famous for Silk
26 AprilDrive Jingdezhen, famous porcelain onto Jiujiang
27 AprilDrive Wuhan
28 AprilDrive Yichang and visit Three Gorges Dam
29 AprilIn Yichang
30 AprilDrive to Enshi (by the Yangtze River )
1 MayDrive to Wanxian (by the Yangtze)
2 MayDrive to Chongqing
3 MayStay Chongquin
4 MayDrive to Dazu, Visit the Dazu Grotto and drive to Chengdu
5 MayStay Chengdu , visit Panda Sanctuary and Sanxingdui
6 MayDrive to Leshan to visit the Great Buddha
7 MayDrive to Ya'an and go on to Kangding
8 MayDrive to Litang
9 MayDrive to Batang
10 MayDrive to Markham
11 MayDrive to Zuogong (Wangda) and to Basu (Bama)
12 MayDrive to Rawu and to Bomi (Zhamu)
13 MayDrive to Nyinchi
14 MayStay in Nyinchi
15 MayDrive to Lhasa
16 MayStay in Lhasa
17 MayStay in Lhasa
18 MayDrive to Shigartze
19 MayDrive to Lhasa
20 MayDrive to Naqu
21 MayDrive to Tanggula Mountain (5,700 meters)
22 MayDrive to Golmut
23 MayDrive to Dunhuang
24 MayStay in Dunhuang, visit famous Grottoes
26 MayDrive to Hami
27 MayDrive to Turfan (second lowest spot on Earth)
28 MayStay Turfan
29 MayDrive to Kuitin
30 MayDrive to Yining
31 MayStay Yining
1 JuneDrive to Holgus
2 JuneCross to Almaty in Kazakhstan
3 JuneStay Almaty
4 JuneStay Almaty
05 JuneDrive to Korday
06 JuneDrive to Taraz
07 JuneDrive to Tashkent , Uzbekistan
08 JuneDrive to Samarakand
09 JuneStay Samarakand
10 JuneDrive to Buchara
11 JuneStay Bukhara
12 JuneDrive to Yurt Camp Aidarkul Lake
13 JuneDrive to Tashkent
14 JuneDrive Tashkent to Shymkent in Kazakhstan
15 JuneDrive to Zhargaqorghau
16 JuneDrive to Kyzylorda
17 JuneDrive to Aral'sk
18/19 JuneAral'sk Sea
20 JuneDrive to Irgiz
21 JuneDrive to Karabutak
22 JuneDrive to Aktyubinsk
23 JuneDrive to Zhympity
24 JuneDrive to Ural'sk
25 JuneCross to the Federation of Russia and to Samara
26 JuneDrive to Syzran
27 JuneDrive to Ulyanovsk
28 JuneDrive to Kazan via Tsivil'sk
29 JuneKazan
30 JuneKazan
1 JulyDrive to Nizlniy Novgorod via Tsivil'sk
2 JulyDrive Vladimir
3 JulyDrive Moscow
4 JulyStay Moscow
5 JulyStay Moscow
6 JulyDrive Visniy - Volocheck
7 JulyDrive St Petersburg
8 JulyStay St Petersburg
9 JulyStay St Petersburg
10 JulyDrive via Vyborg to Hamina in Finland
11 JulyDrive to Helsinki
12 JulyStay in Helsinki
13 JulyDrive to Lahti
14 JulyDrive to Jyvaskyla
15 JulyDrive to Oulu
16 JulyDrive to Rovanierri
17 JulyDrive to Ivalo
18 JulyDrive to Karigasmeni and on to Karasjok, in Norway
19 JulyDrive to Lakselv and Kistand
20 JulyDrive to Nordcapp
21 JulyDrive to Skaisdi
22 JulyDrive to Strorslett
23 JulyDrive to Nordkjosbotn
24 JulyDrive to Narvik
25 JulyStay in Narvik
26 JulyDrive to Fauske
27 JulyDrive to Mosjoen
28 JulyDrive to Steenkjor
29 JulyDrive to Trondheim
30 JulyStay Trondheim
31 JulyDrive to Dombas
1 AugustDrive to Lillehammer
2 AugustDrive to Oslo
3 AugustStay Oslo
4 AugustDrive to Gothenborg in Sweden
5 AugustStay Gothenburg
6 AugustDrive to Halmstad
7 AugustDrive to Malmo
8 AugustDrive to Copenhagen in Denmark
9 AugustStay in Copenhagen
10 AugustDrive to Kolding
11 AugustDrive to Schleswig in Germany
12 AugustDrive to Hamburg
13 AugustDrive to Cloppenburg
14 AugustDrive to Hengelo in Holland
15 AugustDrive to Eindhoven
16 AugustDrive to Brussels in Belgium
17 AugustDrive to Brugge
18 AugustDrive to Channel Tunnel France and UK