The 18,000 KM Diaries by Sir Nicholas White, Bt.

The 18,000 KM Diaries

China To The UK Via The North Cape

After discussions with several publishers, I have finally decided to publish the diaries and photographs of my 2006 trip from Shanghai to Kent via the most northerly point of Europe, the North Cape.

The diaries are relatively unedited from when they were written on the road and and not intended to be a literary masterpiece! They are, however, intended to give meaning to the many photographs I took throughout the journey.

The pictures give a truthful record of day-to-day life in the many countries and regions I crossed during the 18,000 KM trip.

The books is available in hardback and paperback versions. The key difference is that the hardback version is printed with premium inks on premium quality paper, meaning the photographs are much crisper and clearer than the paperback version.

Hardback Edition

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Supporting Sight-Saving Charities

As you you may have already read, I decided at an early stage that this trip would support two charities, SightSavers International and Orbis. Both charities' missions are to save sight in third world and developing countries across the world.

By the end of the 2006 journey, I had managed to raise £175,000 for the charities.

SightSavers operates, predominately, in Commonwealth countries. Orbis operates in other developing countries. It was important to me that the monies raised were to be spent in each of the countries I had worked or served in throughout my career. These most importantly include Nepal, where I served as a young Gurkha officer; Kenya, where I worked for four years; Tibet and China where I was privileged to be able to travel through under my own steam and where there is still much need to stem unnecessary blindness.

I have decided that all profits from the sale of my book will be donated equally to SightSavers International and Orbis, to support their incredible work.


Donations can be made online and, if you are a UK Tax Payer, the charity can claim the tax back on your gift if you complete a Gift Aid Declaration, this will give the Charity an extra 25% on your gift.

If you make a donation, please be kind enough to mention "The 18,000 KM Diaries" in ORBIS's "How did you hear of ORBIS?" field, or in SightSavers's "Leave a Message" field. Thank you.

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