Nicholas White

Independent District Councillor for Dormansland and Felcourt

Councillor Nicholas White

Councillor Nicholas White

I put myself forward as an Independent District Councillor for the Dormansland and Felcourt Ward  in the 2018 election, as I have been very unhappy in the way in which Tandridge District Council has not been listening to the views and wishes of the majority of the Electorate. Thanks to the support of the electorate in Dormansland and Felcourt, I narrowly won the seat and am now your District Councillor.

My working career was varied. Starting out as a Gurkha Officer, I moved on to become the Director responsible for the development and running of 1,000 Tenanted and 500 Managed Houses for the Courage Group, before becoming Managing Director of Courage's Fine Wine Company. I then set-up and ran my own Wine Company for 8 years, before selling it and moving to the Middle East to work for the Lebanese-owned Future Pipe Group, which grew from 1 factory in Dubai to 10 factories in the Middle East, Europe and USA during my 12 years with them.

The above experience has taught me that to listen and to be able to look people straight in the eye is critical, as trust has to be paramount As a District Councillor I must be 100% non-political, but work as a team with the other 8 Independent Councillors as well as, hopefully, with Councillors from the other Parties, to achieve the best results for Tandridge District Council.

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