24th April, 2018

Independent Candidate For Dormansland and Felcourt

By Nicholas White
Nicholas White - Independent Candidate For Dormansland and Felcourt

Nicholas White - Independent Candidate For Dormansland and Felcourt

I am standing as an Independent District Councillor for Dormansland and Felcourt Ward of Tandridge District Council.

The reason that I have put myself forward is because I am very  unhappy with the way in which Tandridge District Council is operating. I believe that if we can manage to have all 7 Independent Candidates elected, together with the 3 existing Independent Councillors, we Independents will become the main opposition to the Conservatives.

In a General Election I am a Conservative. However, for the Local Elections I believe the councillors should be Apolitical (non-political) as it is their duty to represent the wishes and desires of all the residents in their Ward, irrespective of their own personal political views. If I am chosen to become a District Councillor at the election on 3rd May, I wish to represent Dormansland and Felcourt Ward to help my fellow residents keep our villages as we, the residents, want them to be.

I am very shocked that, at the moment, we have some District Councillors who state that they are against building further on the Green Belt and against the prospect of a Garden Village/Community, but go to the Council Offices and vote in favour of a development.  That to me shows a weakness of character and commitment, as they are not prepared to stand up and be counted against their own party. They follow their party line even if it is against the interests of the people they were elected to represent.

Dormansland and Felcourt is a Ward which stands partly within the High Weald, an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and Green Belt. It should be kept as such.

Tandridge has said to the Parish Council that they should build 500 new houses in the Parish - we certainly require some affordable affordable homes, but we do not need 500, or houses with a value of over £500,000.

Tandridge District Council is also talking about a Garden Village/Community of 4,000 - 5,000 houses in Blindley Heath or South Godstone, which the communities are totally against. Should a Garden Village become a reality, there will be inward migration from Croydon or South London, but the people will have to travel back up to Croydon or London to work, as there are virtually no job opportunities in the Tandridge area.

Reasons Why Our District Is Not Suitable For Large-Scale Infrastructure Development

  • There is a complete breakdown in Infrastructure planning.
  • As things stand, we are lucky  if we can obtain an appointment at the Lingfield Surgery within 2 - 3 weeks. How will it cope with the residents of an extra 500 houses in Dormansland and Felcourt?
  • There are a lack of school places. Some families that I have met are having to take their children to East Grinstead, as they cannot obtain a place at the Primary School. Where are the additional school places going to be found for 500 more houses?
  • The roads are a disaster, but that is Surrey Highways's responsibility. The District Council has no control over the roads, meaning there is no ability to plan for the increase in traffic new housing throughout the district would bring.
  • The A22 cannot take any more traffic, as it is already at capacity.
  • The South Godstone Railway Line runs East-West which does not help with commuting.
    The towns of Oxted, Lingfield and East Grinstead are limited with their shopping facilities as is  Car Parking which could not accommodate another 8 - 10,000 cars.
  • I do not believe the Council can guarantee that all of the infrastructure requirements can be provided.

I am standing as an Independent candidate for Tandridge District Council so that I can be a strong voice to support our communities against the illogical housing plans, which would both damage our Green Belt, and be enacted without the necessary infrastructure also being created to support the housing plans.

Promoted by Jane Vogt on behalf of Nicholas White of Little Westlands, Haxted Road, Lingfield RH7 6DE. Website by Cotswold Websites, Hillesley, Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire, GL12 8RG.

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